Apr 082015

Tweet The last Mad Men episode, “Waterloo,” closed out the 60s with McCann Erickson’s acquisition of SC&P, the promise of independence for the agency, and yet another new beginning. Don kept his job, Ted Chaough was back in the game, and the partners got very rich. We were left imagining how Pete and Joan would handle their new found riches and whether fiercely independent Don and flamboyantly flip Roger could cope under the control of a very big global agency. “Severance” picks up in April [read more]

May 312013

Tweet “The Better Half” is an episode of connections, reconnections and disconnections that deftly intertwines business and personal lives. There is an ever present blaring of sirens that punctuate changes and choices that set the stage for new and radically altered relationships. Without the benefit of Dr. Hecht’s vitamin serum, it’s back to reality at the office. The agency is still trying to solidify its identity (and name) and the partners are grappling with carving out their roles and responsibilities. Don and Ted are doing [read more]

Sep 172010

Tweet Article first published as Mad Men Women Start To Roar on Blogcritics. Peggy Steps Up. Joan Speaks Up. Don Cleans Up. Much of the drama that took place at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in this week’s episode happened with Peggy and Joan. Mad Men turned the lens on the issues and challenges facing women in those heady days. High on the list of those issues were the kinds of sexual harassment that Joan experienced with the boys in the creative department, the “boys will be [read more]

Aug 252010

Tweet Article first published as Mad Men: Let’s Party Like It’s 1965! on Blogcritics. Don Drinks (A Lot). Pete Pulls A Six Million Dollar Rabbit Out Of The Hat. 1965 was off to an eventful start for SCDP and episode four is chock full of the drama, tensions, and challenges prevalent at that time. Coincidentally, this particular episode takes place in February 1965, the very month that I started my first job at Benton & Bowles. Fortunately for me, the most drama and excitement that [read more]