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The workplace communication of the ad men on ‘Mad Men’

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Nice interview by Kenya McCullum about how real or not real enough are the lives and situations portrayed on the show.

“The only difference for me is when I got into advertising in 1964, we were smoking something a bit more potent than Lucky Strikes,” said Hank Wasiak of The Concept Farm. “I bet as the show progresses, that will probably come up in some of those episodes.”


From Mad Man To Twitterholoic. Social Media Is Changing Advertising Forever.

I had the privilege of being a featured speaker at the 140character conference held at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles in October. An excellent event with some of the best social media minds around. Great energy and an all around very positive vibe. The rules of engagement were the same for all the speakers. 10 minutes. No spam. No PowerPoint unless it was used for a video or picture. ( Really like this concept) Here’s a link to the the text of my speech which was published on

140character Also, if you have ten minutes you can watch it on YouTube.