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Real Mad Men. Real Stories. Really. An inside commentary on the hit show Mad Men sprinkled with a real time view of today’s Ad Biz hosted by one of the actual Mad Men, Hank Wasiak. The former Vice Chairman of McCann Erickson and three time Emmy Award winning TV host and interviewer choreographs discussions with the colorful and sometimes controversial real Mad Men who lived it then and the new breed Mad Men (and women) living it today. What was that life really like? How realistic, or perhaps not realistic enough, is the life of the Ad men portrayed on the show? What do today’s Mad Men think of all this? Mad Men Confidential answers those questions and a lot more. Thought provoking, educational, entertaining, and most of all, true.

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

Also Mad Men Confidential is a regular feature on Technorati’s blogcritics.org. Tune in when you can.