May 012014

Tweet From beginning to end “Field Trip” is filled with painfully awkward moments for just about everyone, including the viewer. Resentment, humiliation, and disappointment seep into everyone’s interactions. Perhaps a more appropriate title for this episode is “Guilt Trip.” Betty’s turns Bobby’s sharing of a sandwich with a needy classmate into a point of disappointment for both her and Bobby. Don’s mission of mercy to save Megan from herself in Hollywood only adds to Megan’s sense that the marriage is over. Don finally steps up to [read more]

Jul 272010

Tweet (Article first published as Starting An Ad Agency the Mad Men Way on Blogcritics.) Don Draper, Creative Director, Steps Out Front And Center Season four of Mad Men is off to a great start with the birth of a new Ad Agency. Episode 1, “Public Relations” provides a glimpse into some of the challenges and drama that were part of starting these new ventures in the Mad Men era. In looking at the show I have to remind myself that Mad Men is not [read more]