Jun 202013

Tweet Mad Men is at its most compelling when the action is focused on the agency and Don Draper. “The Quality of Mercy” does just that as the penultimate episode of season six. Far from merciful, it is an episode about suffering and the killing of relationships. Don sinks even deeper into an abyss of despair and his torments are powerful opening and closing bookends for the episode. “The Quality of Mercy” opens on Don sleeping off another drunken day and wallowing in his guilt over Sally [read more]

Jun 082012

Tweet Article first published as Mad Men. Tragedy, Irony And The Pursuit Of Happiness on Blogcritics This week’s Mad Men episode put SCDP on a tragically sad track that will trigger even more conflict and deeper soul searching at the agency. In an earlier post, I commented that Lane could not survive his forgery and embezzlement actions since they are egregious breaches of the confidence and trust that are essential in an agency partnership. Trust is the critical issue, not the money Lane “borrowed.”  In Don’s emphatic and unilateral [read more]

Apr 282012

Tweet This week’s episode of Mad Men took us on a trip to the wild side. Coming on the heels of Pete Campbell’s meltdown we get to see Peggy struggle with self-doubt and the need to assert herself. Mind altering substances also share the spotlight and capture the environment of experimentation taking place on Madison Avenue in the ‘60s. It definitely was an adventurous time. On the business side, the critical role of creative leadership is explored through Don’s handling of the Heinz account with Peggy. Strong, [read more]