Sep 082010

Tweet Article first published as Mad Men: Don And Peggy Find Their Sweet Spot on Blogcritics. A Championship Fight. Work All Night. Don & Peggy Get “Right”. Sterling Cooper Draper & Pryce is a mosaic in motion. Pete Campbell and Ken Cosgrove are back together again. Pete is protecting his turf. Roger is feeling a bit irrelevant and drifting off into a memoir fantasy. Don is spiraling down an endless glass of Canadian Club and being erratic as ever. Peggy is growing up and growing [read more]

Aug 092010

Tweet 1965: A year of kinder, gentler Mad Men? Article first published as Mad Men 1964: A Magnificent Year on Blogcritics. SCDP celebrated its first Christmas with a mix of holiday cheer and consternation. A veteran creative returned with a new client attached, business was okay but not great, finances were tight, and the agency’s marquee talent, Don Draper, was struggling with self-doubt and drinking a bit too much, even for Don. Everyone was looking forward to the start of a new year, some big [read more]

Nov 252009

Tweet Season three of AMC’s Mad Men ended with a bang, break-ups (a marriage and an agency), and the promise of new beginnings. So, while Mad Men fans everywhere are having hiatus withdrawal and anticipating what Don will do next, Mad Men Confidential is a special series that looks at the show from a different perspective… from the inside out. I’ll be bringing you commentary and discussion about the Mad Men episodes from fellow real Mad Men insiders. Frank talk about what life was like [read more]